Car Lease Agreement Between Company And Employee

1 EMPLOYEE VEHICLE LEASE AGREEMENT STANDARD TERMS This document contains the conditions under which we are committed to lending it and providing you with vehicle management services. It is important that you read this document carefully and understand all your rights and obligations before you enter into your lease. You should also read and carefully understand the schedule of this agreement and the innovation agreement, which are all part of your lease. In addition, you should refer to your employer`s vehicle policies and requirements, read and understand. You should also refer to the important information contained in Novated Leasing`s user guide on our website and strongly advise you to seek advice on the tax implications of concluding your lease. We do not assume responsibility for the tax consequences that may result from your lease. SECTION: INDEX 1. Ask and register your lease 2. General nature of your lease 3. Obligation to pay monthly rents and other payments 4. Your insurance obligations 5.

Your obligations regarding vehicle 6. Vehicle Management Services 7. Cancellation of your lease on the expected expiry date 8. Early termination of your lease 9. Standard under the terms of your leasing 10. Security interests 11. Terms and conditions 12. Definitions 1 of 20 Version 14.01 15 Important note: If you do not return the vehicle to us, you agree and we agree that we will take all necessary steps to recover the vehicle from you, including, if necessary, so that we can enter any property that you legally occupy for the purpose of recovering the vehicle. While you are awaiting the return of the vehicle, you are still obliged to pay us an amount equal to the monthly rents and all other payments under your rental agreement. 9.5 What are your financial obligations if we terminate your lease because you have fallen behind? You must immediately pay us, upon request, the following amounts: (e) all monthly rents or other payments that you must pay us in accordance with the terms of your rental agreement until the time of the return of the vehicle; Penalty interest on all rents or monthly payments due according to the terms of your tenancy agreement, calculated from the due date of these rents or monthly payments until the date of their full payment; an amount equal to all costs, expenses and losses that we incurred as a result of a delay in your lease, including all costs related to locating and recovering the vehicle and all of our legal and related costs; any amount of net liquidation of the deficit that you have owed, as calculated in accordance with the early termination for other provisions of this agreement; and an amount corresponding to the loss and injury we suffered as a result of your delay in your lease. Important note: In addition to the above claims, we may, at our discretion, assert other claims or initiate other legal action against you that are generally available to us with respect to your delay.

9.6 What are your obligations if you are late but choose not to terminate your lease? If we decide not to terminate your lease due to delay, you do not need to return the vehicle to us, but you still have to pay us the monthly rent and all other payments under your lease, and all your rights and obligations arising from your lease will be sued.