Contoh Dialog Disagreement 2 Orang

This agreement and disagreement is part of the notice and notice process. Of course, some of us agree, agree, disagree with it, disagree very much, some agree, but disagree with others. It is customary to find in everyday conversations. As far as text types are concerned, this type of conversation also has similarities to the example of a discussion text which, in the text, presents two different points of view on the same subject. Then there is a collection of English conversations about the approval and disagreements made by some people. Keywords: Example of dialogue on convergences and disagreements, Expression of agreement and divergence, justification of agreement and divergence What do we usually do when our thoughts or opinions differ from others? Well, the answer is certainly communicated, especially if your ability is in a discussion, to make decisions. A person`s opinion will also provide a useful contribution. Here is the example of a very short dialogue, which disagrees and disagrees in the dialogue: A: Because the death penalty violates the right to life. We are not God, so it is not for us to decide whether someone should die. (This is because the death penalty violates the right to life. We are not God, so it is not our duty to determine whether someone should die) teacher: student tomorrow!.

I see too much room in the classroom wall. Please don`t write anything on it. The classroom looks so dirty. Rino: Some of us write a word or line on it, sir. Professor: Oh, don`t do that anymore! Do you agree if we repaint this classroom? Bina: I agree. The class becomes more colorful. Professor: What color do you like? Inda: I thingk that orange will fit our mind. Cleo: Orange? I don`t think so. In my opinion, the blue will be more impressive. Teacher: That`s enough, student! We choose blue on one side, but on the other side, it is pink. Do you agree? Rino, Bina, Inda, Kleo: We agree, sir! The appropriate expression to conclude the dialogue is …. a.

I do not agree with B at all. I can`t contradict C. I never disagree. I agree with A: No. In fact, I agree with polygamy if everyone involved agrees with adult adults. Polygamy is good as long as no one is hurt. (No, no Indeed, I agree with polygamy if all the people involved are an adult who agrees. Polygamy is good as long as no one is hurt) This example of dialogue will contain several different topics so that we can learn the agreement of sentences and disagreement in different contexts. It is expected that after reading the following example of dialogue, we will be able to communicate consent and disapproval in English fluently. Without waiting a long time, here is an example of dialogue: from this dialogue, we can conclude that Ratna supports……… A.

Disagreement B. Anger C. Danger D. ILL Each person certainly has their own opinion on one thing.