Noises Of Agreement

A little, and I think “grunt” could be too goodtural? Could we say that “person x agrees,” for example? I`m trying to build a phrase like “nobody x word goes in tune here.” What do you think? People agreed…? Some kind of mhmm. eek – the sound that a person makes when he is afraid; This sound is often made when someone is frightened by something small as a mouse, not when he is frightened by something big like a bear shot – the sound of swallowing a lot of liquid quickly ha-ha-ha – the sound of lachbuckf (or hunchu) – an expression of stubbornness, doubt or scorn hooray (or howling) – an exclamation of joy, a sound that expresses confusion; this sound is usually made to invite someone to respond or give more information – an expression of wonder, miracle, or understanding – a sound related to fatigue or tired shoo – a sound made when one tries to do something (usually an animal) away (Exmpale: Shoo, shoo, get out of here.sniff) – the sound of the ta-da smell (or ta-dah) “, “here is” or “just look at it”; This sound is usually made after the conclusion something uggh – an exclamation of frustration and anger uh-huh – a sound used to indicate the match uh-oh – an expression of concern or dismay that something unexpected has just happened wahoo – a manifestation of joy and enthusiasm yikes – an expression that indicates the shock and that usually has a negative connotation yippee – a sound that has been made to show : Yippee, I just learned a lot of new English words!) I think the closest thing is a “yes agreement” or an “encouraging agreement.” Overall, these types of sounds are called “expressive interjectives.” For example, if someone shows us a cute image and we say, “aw,” that is the expression of worship. But if we just saw a child let go of his ice cube and we say “aw,” that is an expression of sympathy. Does that help? In America, silent correspondence is usually written something like “mmhmmm,” a closed version of “uh-huh.” Or if it sounds silly, try “humiliated in esteem.” It`s close, and it`s an accepted verb (I imagine bees buzz instead of buzzing when they work together zealously, probably in agreement). You could say, “Person X gave a genteel “hmpf” of the agreement, perhaps? Hooray. 😉 hey! George Uzoma from Nigeria. Thank you Gabriele for your blog. That`s helpful. I hope you`ll answer me, too. Takecare. thebluebird11: If so, I`m way too young to know the reference. It seems that the word was not enough to stay familiar with my generation. Some words, however, clearly persist in their origins; If, as others say, the word “ack” comes from the “Bloom County” comic strip, that would be an example, because I know the inquiry, but I only know the comic by name and probably wouldn`t recognize it if I saw a page.

It is unfortunate that people forget things that previous generations have appreciated, but I like that a word of that has survived.