Nz Employment Agreement

The agreement may contain all the conditions agreed between the parties. But it must contain the following conditions: if a collective agreement covers your employment, your new worker must receive the same conditions as the collective agreement – or better conditions – for the first 30 days of work. After 30 days, if the worker has not joined the union, the employer and the employee can sign changes or a new individual contract. This is the place where you can include all the details about what is expected. You and your co-worker can use it if there are differences of opinion about how they perform their role. An individual employment contract is a contract between an employer and an individual agent. The details of the contract apply only to this employee. In order for you to be covered by a collective agreement, your employment must fall within the scope of the collective agreement and you must be a member of the union that negotiated it. A code of conduct for collective bargaining has been developed to guide employers and unions in good faith in collective bargaining (for more information, see A collective agreement must be concluded in writing and signed by each union and employer that is a contracting party. Jon asked his union, the Post Primary Teachers` Association, to review the collective agreement and offer with him. You immediately realize that this is no longer relevant – a new collective agreement is in effect.

Jon explains to the manager why he will not sign the letter of offer and indicates that the salary increases have increased. If you think your employer is exploiting (exploiting) you or not respecting your labour rights, ask for help. Collective agreements cover issues similar to those of individual agreements, but conditions are agreed between an employer and a union representing a group of workers. Anyone who is a member of this union will have the same agreement, usually with a pay scale for different jobs or different levels within the jobs. Check with our employment contract manufacturer (external link) for examples of clauses that you need to include in employment contracts and the standard clauses of things you should or could include in an employment contract. You can use our employment contract manufacturer to establish an employment contract for your employees that meets your organization`s requirements. An employment contract is a legally binding agreement. If one party violates the treaty, the other party can take legal action against the other to enforce the conditions in court. A collective agreement cannot contain conditions that are contrary to the law or incompatible with the employment relationship law. Use a change contract to make minor changes, supplements or deletions from your employment contract. In this document, the existing agreement is amended, while the original conditions remain intact. Note that both parties must accept the changes and sign the amending agreement.

New Zealand law requires employers to have a written employment contract for each worker. Typically, employers have 30 days after hiring an employee to contract. In the absence of a written agreement, employers can expect fines. Some of your key staff rights are covered on this page. For more information on the current minimum wage and your labour rights, visit the Employment New Zealand website.