Sale Agreement In French

As a buyer of a new or old house, you sign a pre-contract, a unilateral agreement: you have a period of ten days (incompressible) during which you can reconsider your commitment (by registered letter with acknowledgment of return). The golden rule in this area is therefore to ensure that the sales contract clearly indicates what must remain in the property, especially if you are not sure whether it is an “adaptation” or an “establishment”. Whatever your reason, the sums you have paid must in any case be fully reimbursed to you. This withdrawal period begins the day following the manual delivery (or the signing of the deed if it is kept by the notary) in the case of an authentic sales contract or the first presentation of the registered letter containing the pre-contract, in case of private signature. Buyers and sellers can write it themselves on paper or under standard contract. However, the clauses of the contract are of great importance, the final contract contains them theoretically, it is recommended to entrust the elaboration to a professional (your notary) who has the duty to inform both parties. The costs of establishing the preliminary contract are included in the commission of the real estate agent or in the notary fees with which the final sale must be signed. In the preliminary contract (or “bilateral sales contract”), sellers and buyers agree to round off the sale at a jointly fixed price. From a legal point of view, the preliminary contract is the same as a sale.