United Rentals Collective Agreement

23.CLASS NO RECOURSE. The Customer agrees that all claims or proceedings raised by the Customer under this Rental Agreement are made on an individual basis and not on a class, collective or representative basis, and that any person`s claims or proceedings shall not be consolidated with other rights or procedures. Customer will not sue United as a civil party or class delegate, will not join as a class member, or participate in any way as an opposing party in any class action against United. However, nothing in this paragraph limits the customer`s right to bring an action as an individual civil party. “Lease and Service Agreement” means the agreement between Customer and United for United to lease equipment and/or services provided, whether such agreement is entered into personally on the Company`s site, online or at the time of delivery of the Equipment and which will contain these Rental and Service Terms by reference and identify the equipment to be rented by Customer. The agreement contains these rental and service conditions by reference. Read carefully, please. This agreement contains a indemnification clause, class action and jury waiver, as well as United`s limitations of liability. By accepting delivery of the equipment or services (defined below) or paying United for them, Customer agrees to be bound by the Rental and Service Terms and the RPP Terms (if any), even if the Rental and Service Agreement has not been fully executed. 21. FULL AGREEMENT / AGREEMENT ONLY. The Lease Agreement, including the front and rear of the Lease Agreement, and any add-ons attached thereto, represent the entire agreement between Customer and United with respect to the Equipment and the Rental of the Equipment. There are no assurances or oral or other agreements that are not included.

None of United`s rights or Customer`s rights may be modified and the terms of this Lease agreement may not be renewed except in writing signed by United and Customer. Any use of Customer`s order number in this Rental Agreement is for Customer`s convenience only, and the terms and conditions or writing, which differ from the terms set forth in this Agreement or do not comply with the terms contained therein, are disclaimed by United. 16. TITLE / NO CALL OPTION / NO PLEDGE RIGHTS. This lease is not a contract of sale and ownership of the equipment remains with United at all times. Unless a specific endorsement signed by United is covered, the customer has no option or right to purchase the device. The customer must keep the device free and free of all duties and mechanical and other loads. 14TH SURETY. In addition to guaranteeing payment of rental fees under this Agreement, Customer agrees that any rental deposit shall be deemed a guarantee by Customer for full and complete compliance with all conditions, agreements and agreements to be complied with by Customer under this Agreement. In the event of a breach by Customer, the deposit shall be charged against any damages, costs or expenses incurred by United as a result of the breach. ix. mileage charges; Additional mileage charges.

For certain types of licensed road vehicles, the rental price charged to the customer includes a certain number of miles per billing cycle. At the time of return of the vehicle, the customer is charged miles in excess of the number indicated (the “Additional Miles Fee”). The additional kilometre charge is calculated by multiplying the number of additional miles travelled determined by the vehicle`s odometer or telematics device (if any) by the charge per mile. For the avoidance of doubt, the permitted number of miles per billing cycle and the fare of additional miles are taken into account in the rental agreement and/or in the order or similar documents….