Western University Collective Agreement

The OFR team collaborates with librarians and archivists and their administrators, their librarians and archivists as well as UWOFA-LA on issues relating to working conditions and employment. We are responsible for negotiating collective agreements, letters of agreement and waivers; resolution and/or decision of complaints and complaints; review and approval of actions related to deadlines; executive development; and to support new librarians and archivists moving west. Our interest is to accomplish these tasks in a way that enhances the work experience at Western while ensuring that Western is exceptional in its educational and scientific mission. Letter of Understanding – Changes in the use of alternative learning technologies in 2020-21 due to the COVID-19 pandemic Learn more about retirement planning and status emeritus/a. Learn more about the process and criteria for promotion and/or employment at Western Learn about the Librarians and Archivists Collective Agreement (ACLA) and other letters of agreement negotiated between Western University and its faculty association. SAGE represents university employees who hold administrative positions that may require access to confidential employment and industrial relations information, necessitate their exclusion from the bargaining unit of the staff association. Questions can be forwarded to the Faculty Relations Office. CUPE Hospitality represents employees of Western`s Hospitality Services Department. Find out about the vacations available to UWOFA-LA members, such as judicial leave, deferred leave, educational leave, selected official public leave, exchange leave, vacation, vacation, pregnancy, parental and adoption leave, and work leave. . UWOFA-LA represents the university employees who carry out the work of librarians and archivists. The AMP represents full-time employees who are employed on a permanent basis in leadership and professional roles throughout the university. IUOE represents the university`s operating engineers and those who work primarily as their assistants in the main power plant and other remote facilities.

Librarians and Archivists: July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2015 PSAC Local 610 represents registered doctoral students working in supervised teaching-related activities in various faculties and schools. UWOSA represents staff working in administrative and research promotion roles employed on an ongoing or meeting basis (e.B. academic year). Employees who are hired temporarily in these roles for eight months or more and who regularly work more than 24 hours per week are also represented by UWOSA. .