Registrar And Transfer Agent Agreement

Services that are not included in these services (including custodian services, offer or exchange services, dividend distribution services, voluntary advertising agreements and audit management services related to abandoned or undistingible ownership), but services requested by the company may be subject to additional costs. (a) The company undertakes to compensate and compensate AST and its related companies and its senior executives, directors, advisors, agents, other representatives and supervisors (an “compensated person”) of and against all losses, claims, damages, liabilities and expenses, in whole or in part, to which such an compensated person may be subject, from or in relation to this agreement and services or any rights , litigation, investigations or procedures related to any of the above issues (a “procedure” each), whether or not these persons are different from the thinkers, who, at the request of the shareholder, never issue physical certificates if they are required to do so. However, investment fund representatives perform many other important tasks, such as keeping records of shareholders` accounts, tracking dividend payments and responding to shareholder requests by statement of account, income tax forms and transaction confirmations. (d) AST may refer to: (i) any written instruction or other good faith instruction by or on behalf of a shareholder, including, but not limited, to oral instructions, certificates, instruments, notices, communications, communications, letters, rights of stock, sworn insurance or other documents or guarantees, is protected and assumes no responsibility. (ii) any factual allegation contained in such writing or instruction that the AST deems appropriate in good faith; (iii) the manifest power of a person to act on behalf of a shareholder as having the real power to act to the extent of that manifest power; (iv) the authenticity and authenticity of any signature (manual, facsimile or electronic) that appears on a document, including, but not limited to, a certificate, an act, an opinion, a communication, a letter, a power of action, a sworn statement or any other document or guarantee; and (v) compliance with the original of a copy. AST has the right to reject any transfer request that does not comply with AST`s internal share transfer procedures. Without limitation of the above, AST is entitled to use and rely on the instructions of a shareholder or its representatives, without liability for their independent verification, and assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of these instructions. Transfer agents make distributions to investors based on the Registrar`s records. For example, transfer agents send interest payments to bondholders and the face value of their bonds as soon as they mature.

Similarly, transfer agents send cash dividends to investors as soon as the companies in which they invest generate sufficient profits.